Let's get to know one another.

Oh hey, Jess Sager

About Me

Writer, editor, producer, comic, Street Fighter savant.

I've probably made someone you know think, then laugh. I may have also baked them cookies and begged them to let me pet their dog.

I'm the funny friend and the brilliant mind.

I'm also the friend who will let you know you have ink on your face or spinach in your teeth, and that your boyfriend is a jerk. I'll word it all in a way that you still feel loved, important, and amused.

We all need that friend.

I'm not the humble friend, though. We all have faults.

Let me help you.

As a writer, editor, comedian, podcaster, copywriter, publicist, general charmer, and consummate professional, chances are I have a skill you need, whether it's making a customer feel valued, getting your company's name in the press, or simply telling your story in a compelling way while dropping a few Goodfellas references. I also make a mean chicken pesto, if that's your thing.